Sunday, February 22, 2009

What is Gyaan Connect?

Let me begin by saying, there's nothing 'cool' about our group. There's no intention to 'look' good either. It's not a group that's formed for social satisfaction. When all its members devote those rare special sunday afternoons for meetings under the sun or devote their precious moments at nights to peek into the online activities of this forum, the only vibes that we radiate is that of being restless.. restless to bring about change. A positive, powerful change. 
Gyaan Connect
Formed on: 26th January 2009
Goal: Information sharing through networking.
Purpose: Self-awareness that helps us be the forces of change in near future for our society.
Activities: Information sharing through presentations/media campaigns for various causes/issues, visits, interviews/documentary screening/photography/GC fun days etc. 
You can tune into this blogspace for regular update on GC's activities offline as well as online. GC members, you all are invited to contribute your experiences, views, observations etc. on this site. Let's get going. 
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