Wednesday, March 11, 2009

GC holi celebrations

Holi 2009! 
The below picture is a proof of the kind of colours we used this holi :) 
These pics show GC members post the celebration of eco-friendly holi. For more holi pics of GC celebrations and to keep in touch with us, join the group 'Gyaan Connect' on facebook. 
11th March o9
Place: Borivali, Yogi Nagar
Members present:
Priyanka V
Priyanka K
Namrata Sagar
and some society members/common friends also joined us in the celebrations.
Buckets of water used to play holi: 3 buckets
Type of colours used: 100% safe natural colours bought from Eco-corner shop
No balloons/pichkaris/plastic bags etc. used. 
This holi was a true learning experience for GC. We expected a good eco-friendly holi but were in for a surprise when it turned out to be the most pleasant and amazing holi any of us had ever played. For a change we dint have a single 'pucca' colour with us. And the natural colours were truly safe was proven by the fact that even if by mistake it entered any of our eyes, it dint cause any harm/irritation/swelling etc. In fact the colours dusted off easily in one wash and did not leave behind traces on our skins. 
3 buckets of water not only ensured we had our share of fun but also ensured we did our bit to not waste excess of water which would have otherwise happened with the usage of pipes, running tap water, continuous filling of buckets etc. 
This holi, for GC was all about getting together, with our own GCites and even non-GCites and enjoying in a safe and friendly way. GC strongly recommends everyone to plan out amazing eco-friendly holis for the next year! And we hope more of you can join us! What say? :) 
Happy holi everyone. 

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