Friday, March 27, 2009

Next target of GC: Politics

We at GC want to target Politics as the next issue for self-awareness. Lets admit it. Most of us hate politics and only go by what media has to say. Our opinions are heavily influenced by the media, biased projections of parties and most of the times, we're even indifferent on these. Thus we decided to take up Politics as a crucial issue for discussion. It is perhaps the core that could've prevented the Mumbai Attacks from happening. Good governance. Good choice.
We plan to tackle boring politics, the interesting way. 
But before that it is necessary to have all the required information and research so that we can convey it to everyone in an interesting manner. 
We divide our study of politics into 2 phases. 1. Phase 1: General Elections
2. Phase 2: Political in-depth study (will be done a little later after phase 1 is completed) 
Phase 1: General Elections
1. IMP: To get ourselves registered as voters. Visit, download the required forms, fill them up, get your proofs in place and check out which office do you have to visit to enlist yourself as a voter.
2. A thorough understanding of the General Elections process - Stepwise understanding of terms like constituencies, statistics, etc. - Understanding the roles and duties of the Election Commission. - Current news related to GE process - What is the fundaa of 'seat sharing' 'coalition and how does it work? 3. A report on UPA government - It's performance during its tenure-achievements and faliures - Current manifesto of the Congress government - Kind of alliances/status on alliance - Worthwhile leaders of the UPA/performing leaders 4. A report on the NDA alliance - It's performance as opposition - It's manifesto (of BJP) - It's status on alliances - Worthwhile leaders of NDA
5. A report on the third front and its pros and cons 5. Analysis of worthy youth candidates/educated candidates this election. Highlighting their achievements and potential. for eg. Mallika Sarabhai, Meera Sanyal-CEO ABN AMRO BANK etc. 6. Current news updates from websites/ stats and facts related to General elections/history of general elections in India etc. In phase 1 we can also have voting for the best candidate, best party, etc.
Will announce the next GC meet and venue shortly
Meanwhile if anyone of you want to pick up a topic for study, have an article, link, comment, opinion to share, you're most welcome to do so on the comments section of this article or mail it to us on 
Keep checking the website for updates on politics and unbaised, fair analysis of parties through research of media, their own websites and public opinion etc. 

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